We’re stuck in a pit… Let’s Party!

Sometimes you find yourself standing by a bunch of people who aren’t enjoying themselves. Sometimes you are standing by people who don’t know how to have a good time. They don’t understand that everything in their life is a cake walk. And the moment that’s brought you together to enjoy each others company is nothing short of another completely blessed thing in your life; that they are taking for granted. During those moments you find yourself actively separating yourself from those people. So you get a little distance and dance. People who aren’t having fun don’t dance; they stay away. However, people who like having a good time dance. They are attracted to the movement. Dancing is where I meet or connect with people immediately. Dancing is freedom from lots of thought. It’s kind of like motorcycle riding. The great thing is it’s the quickest way to separate yourself from a Debbie Downer. It’s a tactic I use fairly often. I prefer to not be around people who don’t know how to enjoy themselves or have a good time.

A friend recently said, “You know I think you are capable of having a brilliant time almost anywhere. Like in a pit. If you were stuck in a pit. People would be jealous, they missed out on that.”

So the next time you get stuck in a pit, get up and start dancing.

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