Dat Date life.

You know what: Just be your fucking self. I’ve been slowly getting back into the world of dating. I have had a couple non-starts. Time invested and lost, but thank goodness before any more of my time was used. At some point you might think, you know maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m not playing the part right… Maybe I’m not being enough of a girl… Maybe I was too bold… Should I have waited before asking him out? But if that’s all the case, I’ll never be the right part, not enough of a girl, will always be too bold, and would have waited around for forever. I’m not here to play a game.

I’ve been told I’m too forward with men. To open and honest, but when has any of that truly been a disservice to me? Never. Who wants someone who can’t deal with them being told, “I like you”. (I’m laughing out loud, that statement is hilarious.) So sure this may mean I’ve knocked out over half of the men I could be dating. I certainly don’t need you, but most importantly in regards to all of this, I don’t want you.

Seriously fuck all of that. If I’m to dim myself, to play meek, to change my opinion, to be less than who I am; how in the hell will this person deal with me at full power? I’m not friends with people who can’t handle me at full power, so why would I ever take on a lover/partner who can’t? If you don’t want to run with the wolves, stay to the edge of the forrest. I am unhindered wilderness. The person I am today did not come into being because I held myself back or because the people who are around me held me back. This is a positive to me that should be appreciated, respected, cherished, loved, but most of all encouraged.

So be yourself. Love yourself. As Rupaul says,149e1fc5c4d6e9aac520d8a28b89cc37

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