New Bjork, New Bjork!

The Bjork-imidge? Bjork-quest? I dunno, I haven’t gotten that figured out. Chase, Scott, and I ventured to New York to go see Bjork. Plans made prior to my great slip’n’fall. I can tell you I was pleased with my performance in NYC. It’s not a great place to have a broken ankle. It’s cold, so the weather vane is going nuts. It’s constant pain, also lots of walking, especially with a 4 story walk up. That doesn’t help. The trip however was wonderful. I saw Bjork for the first time. Ate some wonderful food. Saw Hedwig with John Cameron Mitchell as Hediwg (my inner gay teenager is still losing his mind.) And I got to spend time with Chase. So ultimately it’s impossible to have a bad time. I really enjoyed myself. Next week I go back to my doctor and potentially get the all clear to go back to work. I’ve missed it.

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