I need help.


No one tells you how hard it is to have a broken bone. It’s been overwhelming. I’ve been debilitated and forced to slow down, forced to ask. You don’t realize how helpless you really become. I feel like a bird who’s wings have been clipped. Mentally this has been quite difficult. As a person who rarely asks for help, I’m in constant need of help. It’s hard when you are incredibly independent and are forced with the reality of needing someone to help you constantly.

There has been a benefit though, if it wasn’t for this broken ankle and the universe putting the breaks on me. I wouldn’t have gotten to spend as much time as I have with my family. For the first time in 10 years all 5 members of my family are under the same roof again. If I would have been working, I would have only gotten one night with everyone. It’s a funny reminder that communication with in a family isn’t always the best. But the love with in a family is great. And that I’ve been blessed with some really wonderful people. All of these really intense individuals bonded by blood. Maybe this broken ankle was to anchor me home. Cause I’m truly not sure how much of this will get to happen or how often. I’m thankful 2015 started this way. I’m happy I had an afternoon watching TV with Violette. I’m happy I’ve had a couple nights where my dear sister Carina has taken care of me. And eternally grateful my parents, Cinde & Dad aka The Berto, have been taking such wonderful care of me. 

My mom and I have spent more time together in this past month that I ever got to previously. She was the mom who worked immediately after my birth and worked all through my childhood. So this has been really wonderful. I know for sure I’ll look back at this time and be so thankful I broke my ankle. It was a catalyst to get to know my mom better as an adult. I have found out so much about my mother that I had no idea about.


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