bangs!I cut bangs in to my hair on Friday night. I had been wearing these fake bangs for a bit and just decided I was ready to cut them. Kind of part of my upgraded look for 2015, slowly but surely I’m changing the way I look. One of the benefits of the job change over is I can actually dress nice to work. I got tumblr_nhtmfqv7ol1qbkgzfo1_1280really tired of wearing nothing but jeans & shirts. I felt like I had let my personal style go. Now the biggest problem is figuring out what I want to look like exactly. Definitely feeling the want to go more feminine. I’ve been staring at this wonderful image Kevin Wada drew of She-Hulk that I feel like could be me 2.0. Keeping the green of course. If only green skin was possible as well… I might even venture into colors, instead of my usual black 24/7. I have been looking to add a number of casual dresses to my everyday wear. Simple but classic silhouettes. The biggest issue is my shoe wear. Breaking my ankle didn’t help the whole not able to wear or walk in heels thing. It’s weird that I associate being a lady so much with that ability. I just never learned. Walking in heels is one of those things that you have to learn to do. Like whistling. Did my parent’s fail me? WHY CAN’T I WHISTLE OR WALK IN HEELS?!?

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