A quick moment

I wanted to just let you know that my wonderful uncle passed and we laid him to rest Memorial Day weekend. It was such a beautiful ceremony. He was such an accomplished man. A true hero.

I wrote this the day of his funeral:
“Honoring and laying to rest a marine and LAPD detective today. He served 3 tours in Vietnam receiving 8 honors, two of those being purple hearts. As a detective he worked protecting children in the child abuse and crimes against persons unit. He was also a motorcycle enthusiast and started the southern California chapter of The Untouchables. Memorial Day has taken on a very close to home meaning this year. I am so honored and thankful I got to call this man Uncle. This man was a truely one of the “good guys”. Jerry “Skid” Rowe may you rest in peace. I hope you’re enjoying the open roads where you’re at.”

I’m exhausted, but overflowing with so much love. While his funeral was difficult and emotionally trying it was also a reminder that you need the darkness to appreciate the light. For as many tears that fell there was an equal amount of uplifting laughter. We celebrated the life of a man that few will ever rival. While I knew him as an Uncle and my Aunt’s wonderful husband, it was great getting to know him as Dad, Brother, and President from his family and motorcycle brothers.

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