“We just met, and I know I’m a bit too intimate. But something huge is coming up, and we’re both included.┬áIt’s takes courage to enjoy it. The hardcore and the gentle.”

I acquired new glasses and got my nails put back on. When I got into the car after having a really nice time with my nail lady, Suzie, Bjork’s Big Time Sensuality came on. It hit. It hit my whole body. It was like having all the heavy nonsense I had been carrying, been hit off of you. Like how armor might be struck off of a hero in battle. An exposure to light that had somehow been missing. Vulnerable? yes. Exposed? yes. Free? Most certainly! I drove around so I could listen to it three times in a row. I sang, car danced, and did not have a single worry.

It’s takes courage to enjoy it.

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