We’ve got some intense things going on. Last December I lost my Godfather to Liver Cancer. It was a sobering moment as it was the first immediate family member we have lost. Along with it came the intense realization that despite what we’ve all thought, in the end it won’t be cockroaches, Cher, and The Guzman’s. We aren’t immortal. I was standing with my Dad outside after he had shared the beautiful eulogy he wrote my Uncle Oscar. I was in tears because of how of touching and wonderful it was. But what really got it is as wonderful as having a large family is, it’s also a curse. My cousins’ and I will be burying all of these wonderful people through out our lives. It’s a hard reality we have to face. More so because we’ve approached the age where this just starts to happen. So we’ve got to make the best of what time we’ve got left. And I think a fair number of us understand that.

Some of my cousinsI had the pleasure to spend a Saturday afternoon with some of my cousins while visiting my Aunt Ana & Uncle Jerry out in Temecula. Jerry is currently battling Cancer and has quite the fight in front of him. So we had a small (for the guzmans) gathering. We got to spend a great day hanging out enjoying each other’s company and eating some great food. ┬áSometimes that all you can do.

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