Camping with the Ladies

  • Bike Loaded!
  • Group shot of us outside Desano.
  • K-Rad leading the way!
  • Into the hills.
  • Jessica
  • Anna
  • Group Shot
  • Camp Set up.
  • Oh Hello.
  • The sky above the fire.
  • The Line Up.

Oh this is kind of late. but this will be worth while. Saturday I got up and brought all my stuff downstairs. I stared at the pile, then pack to Pearl, then back to the pile. A deep breathe and a little prayer and I went to it. Carefully placing things on the back of the bike. A strap or two later. and Voila. It was on there. So I jumped on and headed to the meet-up.

We rode to the raceway and then to the campsite. It was hot. Very hot on the raceway. But the camp site was beautiful. And we got very lucky and were the only people up there that weekend. 20+ ladies hanging out all with different styles, interests, backgrounds, but all who love motorcycles. Here are few images of the ride. XO.

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