I’ve just returned from a wonderful weekend the ESMB crew to Babes Ride Out: Joshua Tree. The weekend was fantastic. I rode sweep with my friend Jessica on our ride out there and had a few saves added to my experience. The ride out we took a back way with some scenic riding. I never mind the long way to a place especially on a motorbike. We stopped and had lunch at a gas station, store, restaurant combo that only had one poor fellow working in it.

We got back on the road and headed into camp. What started out as 17 girls trickled down to about 14. We lost a couple on the way. I can’t stress enough about doing a pre-check on your liquids and gear. Get there, but most importantly get there safe. Camp Good Enough got set up in record time and we saved a spot for one of the most important parts: SS Oh Pinon, the trusty VW that hauled our stuff and critical team members. The weekend sailed by quite fast. Over all it was a great event and I would be into going next year. But to be fair what really made the event for me were my friends new and old.

I just want to say. I support whatever choice you make when riding as long as you aren’t endangering anyone else. You wanna ride without a helmet or clothes on that’s really your prerogative and a choice you’ve made. You know that riding a motorcycle is dangerous.┬áJust make sure you don’t endanger anyone else.



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