I fractured the hell out of my ankle. A day before a friend’s wedding. It hurts and the pain medication is making me sick. I’m not sure how anyone casually takes pain medication. But here is me being a bad ass in a cart. A slightly brighter moment.

Black Mafia XXX-mas



I wore a fun outfit out to our xxx-mas party. It was distracting to say the least. Chase and I couldn’t stop making fashion in the booth. It became a major hit of the party.  At one point about 15 topless people somehow got into the booth and we taking hysterical photos. I went to fix myself a drink and alerted a friend that were a number of topless people in the booth. You can’t help but laugh. I once tried to used the restroom at a party similar and about 15 naked people were in the bath. Beautiful shapes and shades with my family.


I got to drive a Deus van filled with support for the team. These people are insane and wonderful. They did LA > Vegas in the dirt. I would drive from point to point. Get them watered, gassed, and fed. Part cheerleader, part caretaker. The first day was Palmdale to Barstow. The second Barstow to Vegas. They rode through some of the best desert, Southern California has to offer. I had never been to Red Rocks so that was quite a highlight. Sunset there was amazing. Also I got to spend time with Jennifer. Jennifer is easily one of  my favorite people that motorcycle riding has exposed me to. She’s impossible to not fall in love with immediately.



Sometimes all you need to know is that there is a place waiting for you to return. It’ll take you in any and every way you could possibly show up. It is your good time, your hibernation cave, your dead zone, and your sanctuary.

Samantha and I ventured to the magical island. We had no power so we frontier land-ed it all weekend. No phones, but battery powered speakers, candles, and tequila. It was a quick trip. Mellow and filled with copious amounts of laughter and lobster.



I recently found this photo of me taken over the summer. I love those pants. I love my Guzzi too. Learning to ride was one of the best decisions I’ve made. There is this boost of freedom and indepence you get that is unlike anything else. I usually have the most insane grin on my face when riding.

To anyone who has ever wanted to ride, I must insist that you do it. Try it. It’s just brilliant. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.



So this happened tonight! I officially got asked to join ESMB. I’m a prospect cause you know they have to check me out- make sure I’m cooooool. I hope I pass the tests! Ha.

But in all seriousness I’m really excited. And part of a motorcycle gang so I’m pretty much even more tuff and badass now. I really enjoy hanging and riding with the ESMB women. I love to that I asked in Hollywood. I first rode my Suzuki down that patch of sparkle asphalt a few years ago. So it kind of means a bunch to me.

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Angel and Angelyne.


I got to meet my spirit animal. This is Angelyne. She’s owned a pink Corvette since the 70’s. In the 80s & 90s she had a bunch of billboards up in Hollywood with her photos on them. She’s the original famous for nothing woman. I seriously just about freaked. She was so nice too. I’ve loved her since being a small child. It was a nice way to finish celebrating my birthday.

I hope one day I’ll get to follow in her heel steps and be famous for nothing too. And obviously drive a Corvette.


My birthday was pretty great. Lots of dinners, a trip with Stephanie to Disneyland, and below Chase and I at the Hammer museum for Joey Aries and  Mx Justin Bond. Insane and amazing!

It was a really wonderful evening. I’ll be honest I never thought I’d ever get to see Mx Justin Vivian Bond. I tormented anyone within earshot of the studio with listening to Kiki & Herb non-stop. I am a really big fan. So it was really nice that I could celebrate my birthday with Chase and some just amazing cabaret performers. Let me state that Joey Arias was just superb. I wish I could remember all the wonderful songs they both sang. I’d highly recommend checking out both of them.